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Carly Policia Slovakia

Carly Policia Slovakia Side Profile
Carly Policia Slovakia Front Profile
Carly Policia Slovakia Platz Profile
Date of Birth: 04 Npvember 2011
Elbows & Hips: Pending
Owner: Câini de Politie Kennel

Carly (Caro) Policia - Slovakia is a strong male with a sturdy head. His built is more than medium large with a superior conformation, which is enhanced by a dark pigmentation and complemented by solid nerves. In the dog world, he belongs in the select-few-category of the so called "clear head." Carly has an intense and immense drive, all of which are wonderfully harmonized with his natural willingness to work industriously with his handler. Consistently and incisively Carly's movement potential is spent with precision to complete the required exercises, both fast and with pinpoint accuracy, assiduously obedient to his handlers’ commands. Carly is a multi-dimensional dog; his social interaction and behavior are great; at the same time he is a vigilant and very attentive watch dog constantly protecting his territory. Carly has a tremendously strong and hard bite. Carly’s Breeder is the Police Breeding Station from Slovakia.

Carly’s bloodline is carried over from the world renowned DDR dog Ingo v. Rudingen and further over from World Working Champion Orry v. Haus Antwerpa. By using CARLY in the breeding program is one way to pursue the return of the old working bloodline of former DDR dogs that were mainly renowned for their willingness to work. Carly should contribute to further improvement of conformation strengthening the body frame and at the same time will improve the withers.


Hanibal Eqidius

Quinte Policia Slovakia

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