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Kennel Feeding Session

Our kennel firmly believes in the benefits of feeding a raw diet. This is further supplemented with fish oil, vitamins and minerals.

Concerned about our choice to feed a raw diet as opposed to the commercially viable alternative? We’ve had to explain and sometimes defend our position to a number of our clients. The point that seems to resonate the most being the number of FOOD RECALLS that occur on an annual basis. These retractions often bare dire consequences for dog owners and often result in hospitalization or death of the dog.

Feeding a raw diet doesn’t have these setbacks. But as with everything, feeding raw does require responsibility on the part of the owner. The most important rule being that the owner ensures that their meat, raw food supplier, is a reputable one. That the meat is not a result of animals juiced on anti – biotics.

Buying bulk amounts of meat from our supplier has solidified a respectful and trustworthy relationship.

There are a numerous resources online to aid the owner in further RESEARCH IN THIS TOPIC.

What we feed at our kennel:

  • All meat, white and red, is anti – biotic free
  • Half chicken breast with bone and chicken hearts
  • Whelping females are fed additional sweet – potato – purée
  • Our raw diet is supplemented with fish oil, vitamins and minerals
  • We do not use vegetables in our dog’s diet as they cannot break them down

Note: Over the years we have found that feeding red meat to old studs; to have a positive impact on their longevity and fertility (well into their old age).

To Dog Owners that Feed Kibble: We urge you to research all of the available commercial brands before committing to one. Ensure that your choice will benefit your dog’s health and not compromise it in any way. There is a direct correlation between a dog’s diet, quality of life and longevity. When choosing a kibble brand ensure that it is grain-free, starch- free and that it offers a low glycaemic carbohydrate source. We will NOT suggest nor endorse any kibble brand because we do NOT favour any.

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