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Vali Chaleru and Quanto Jipo Me Pole Training

An extensive, 12 acres of sun-soaked property. Summers dripping in warmth. Easy winters; not harsh – nor brusque. Our kennel facilities are located in the heartland of Brentwood California; a property vast enough to house our family and our animals. Prime geography ensures good weather all year round.

Seven acres which include boarding, kitchen (food, water and dishes), bathing and training facilities are dedicated to our German Shepherds.

We’re a humble and small kennel that is committed to producing German Shepherds Dogs of the highest quality. We have no desire whatsoever to compete with the various commercial kennels out there.

I grew up as a Romanian National, in a country renowned for the world’s largest and most diverse breeding program. A program so integral to the country that it’s even supported by the government. Civilian assistance was required in housing whelping females and rearing litters up until eight weeks of age. Volunteers were paid in cash or given a puppy from the litter for assisting the government. My family often opted for the latter, a trade which sparked my interest in breeding GSDs. The “ideal type” of GSD we strive for at our kennel was informed by the dogs I grew up around in my formative years.

Câini de Politie Kennel Facilities and Property

The government's program, based on 60 years of experience, had the country abuzz with debates about the genetics, pedigrees and superior bloodlines of GSDs. It was this exposure that made me privy to the breeding preferences that ensured optimum health, intelligence and a versatile dog. An integral sentiment that stuck with me from those days was that of the constant advancement of the breed and some breeding semantics that alluded to diversifying the blood that one had in their kennel.

Our "Puppy Training Program" ensures that they undergo basic training. The program is inclusive of pups from various litters, and it also extends beyond our property to encourage socialization which we think is vital.

Real life scenarios like loud machinery and encountering strangers are part of the experience for the pups. The pups’ contact with the different species of animals that live here as well as in the neighboring properties. These include horses, cows, sheep and chickens. Interactions designed to maximize their exposure. So that they can learn the importance of being tolerant of other species besides other dogs and immediate family. All of these practices are vital in building the pups confidence in different environmental settings.

Alexandra Showing Arma Câini de Politie as a Pup

Our kennel boasts the most sort after bloodlines from the Czech, Slovak and DDR/East German lines. We strive for a certain “type” in our kennel that is reminiscent of patrol dogs from the “z Pohranicni Straze” era. Those dogs had an imposing structure supported by a functional conformation. This was further complimented by strong bones, powerful heads, rich pigmentation and dark eyes. Beyond their amazing aesthetic value, these dogs were admired for their substance (character); they were equipped with rock solid nerves that absorbed their high drives. Drives such as defense, prey, hunt, fight and hardness. They were clear headed, possessing balanced drives. And they were thinkers. They also had optimum health that ensured their longevity which is evidenced in their life span that averaged 14-16 years.

Our ideal is to advance with every litter we produce. The puppies and dogs that we sell are testament to this ambition. We take seriously our objective to output versatile GSD's suited for all lifestyles. These include law enforcement, detection work, search and rescue, sports, personal protection and that of one's family and property.

Darius with Pup

Our unparalleled commitment means we’re weary of “kennel blindness” and are always looking for new ways and partnerships to add vigor and diversity to our breeding program.

In 2010 we actively sought out new "blood" in accordance with our plans to diversify genetics in our kennel. We forged relations with Mr. Jiri Novotny who was the director of the former “z Pohranicni Straze” Czech state kennel for 21 years. These relations put into play a coorperation between us and various kennels from Eastern Europe including Jirkova Dvora and Jipo Me. You may read my article about the encounter HERE.

The San Francisco International Airport is about an hour away. Fitting, considering out expertise in shipping and flying puppies and dogs to our valued international clientele the world over.

Andreea with Dark Sable Puppy

Kennels, companies and persons interested in investing in our program or establishing a mutual networking relationship are welcome to get in touch. We’re keen to meet and discuss these opportunities and other possible partnerships in detail. But unfortunately due to our new insurance policy we will no longer be able to offer kennel tours. Our policy states that any person/s on our property should be there for “pickups and dog sales only”.

Arissa with Bi Colored Pup

“Take this trouble for me: Make sure my shepherd dog remains a working dog, for I have struggled all my life long for that aim.”

Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz (1864-1936)

"The GSD in Word and Picture"

The Chaleru on Vacation